Professional help for those who help

I offer the following forms of supervisory cooperation:

  • individual supervision - working with one helping professional who can use this form of supervision to have a safe conversation about professional issues that are difficult to open up to other people, as well as to focus on a specific case of work with a client that is challenging for the worker at the time.
  • Group supervision - this is a group form of individual supervision (i.e. the topics to be discussed are brought by the individual, however, they are carried out with the participation of other participants in the supervision group meeting), the participants in the supervision are linked by a common area of activity, but not always by a common workplace. The aim of this form of supervision is the development of individuals using the group, so the work on the participants' topics uses, among other things, support from the group, ideas, reflections and experiences of other group members. The supervisor guides the group to work towards an agreed goal while ensuring the safety of each participant in the supervision is attended to. See the group section for details.
  • Team Supervision - Supervision consultations with a team of collaborators (i.e. all team members of one organisation involved in developing or addressing a topic), focusing on improving the activities and functioning of the whole team or the organisation. This form of supervision is suitable for all teams of helping professionals, providing e.g. the implementation of a project or the provision of a specific (e.g. social, health, etc.) service.

The length of one supervision session is usually 60-90 minutes for individual supervision, and 3-5 hours for group and team supervision (to provide sufficient space for all participants). Everything that takes place and is said during the supervision is subject to confidentiality.

Systematic supervision

the way I help

Don't fix what ain't broke!...don't even mess with it!

Do what works!

Instead of what doesn't work, do something else!

In my supervision sessions I rely on the "solution-oriented approach" of Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg and the custom model of Kurt Ludewig.

The main benefits for supervisees of the "solution-oriented approach" are that:

  • we don't spend time together exploring the causes of the problem, instead we develop together a solution, a positive change (what the supervisee wants)
  • we discover together what supervisees do well, what they can do
  • what can be done, here and now, during our cooperation, to make you happy in your future (we are looking for your unique solutions together)

Benefits of the custom model for supervisees: through clarification (a common part of every conversation), supervisees manage to formulate their custom (their wishes) as specifically as possible. The supervisor supports you during the collaboration, helps you to use the constructive potential of the conversation to find the most useful solution and helps to open up new ways of understanding things (how to "have" them useful).

price list and organizational conditions

I negotiate the specific organizational conditions and price of the contract with each person interested in supervision individually, usually during a personal meeting or by phone. The price for supervision work is contractual, its determination depends on the agreed content, form, place of implementation, the overall scope of the contract and the number of professionals participating in the supervision.

For the orientation of those interested in supervision, here is an outline of the usual organizational and financial conditions, which I use as a basis for negotiating the contract:

Individual supervision (50 minutes)

package 3-9 sessions (price per session 90 euro), package 10+sessions (price per session 80 euro)

100 euro

Group supervision (50 minutes)

minimum duration is 3 hours

100 euro

Team supervision (50 minutes, up to 5 members / 6-12 members)

usually 3-5 hours per meeting

110/150 euro

I also accept payment by crypto (BTC, ETH, DAI, USDT, MATIC)

I also offer all services online (Zoom, Whatsapp, Teams, Google meet, etc. apps)


  • There is no fear of 'judging' the supervisee.       Veronika
  • Professional management of each supervision (appreciation, encouragement, adherence to set rules).               Janka
  • Ability to listen, non-violent guidance to find a solution.            Martin
  • Even at the first meeting we spoke without shyness and fear.               Hanka
  • Very pleasant atmosphere, can induce a safe and calm atmosphere.    Vlaďka

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