about Břetislav Kantor


Mgr. Břetislav Kantor, MBA, MSc., MPA 

supervisor, coach, psychotherapist, couple and family therapist, lecturer

Břetislav has been working in the field of psychological counselling since 2008, and has been coaching and supervising since 2015. Břetislav graduated in social work with a health profile (M.Sc.) from FSS OU in Ostrava, during this study he spent 2 semesters at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Netherlands). 

He also completed the MOVISA III psychotherapy training, the Comprehensive Systemic Training in the Psychotherapeutic Approach of the Growth Model by Virginia Satir (690 hours, 2009-2012), the Comprehensive Training in SYSTEMIC SUPERVISION AND COACHING for helping professionals (500 hours, 2015-2017) and the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Training (200 hours, 2019-2020). 

In 2021, he successfully completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership, as well as a Master of Science (MSc.) in Management and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) (EDU Effective Business School in collaboration with LIGS University, USA). 

Břetislav has 15 years of experience in the field of addictionology (among others, he was the head of the Therapeutic Centre Renarkon o.p.s., outpatient treatment - professional social counselling). He also cooperated with the Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic (external psychotherapist for victims of violent crimes) and is the author of several conference papers.

Břetislav was (until 9/2022) the chairman of the professional section of A.N.O. (Association of Non-State Organizations Providing Addiction and Social Services for Persons at Risk of Addictive Behaviour) for outpatient services in addictionology. He is also a member of SNN (Society for Addictive Diseases), CAP (Czech Association for Psychotherapy) and SOFT (Society of Family and Systemic Therapists).

 Further professional education

  • Systematic work with families (32 hours, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs),
  • Use of growth model techniques in social services (15 hours, MPSV),
  • Art therapy for helping professions (24 hours, MPSV),
  • Working with client motivation and service boundaries (16 hours, MPSV)
  • Solving the financial situation of indebted and over-indebted persons in practice (24 hours, MLSA),
  • Work with cannabis drug users in treatment and counselling services (48 hours, MPSV),
  • Introduction to psychiatry and psychopharmaceuticals, dual diagnosis (MPSV),
  • Case Management ( 16 hours, MPSV),
  • Contract and individual planning (20 hours, MPSV),
  • Relapse prevention (16 hours, MPSV),
  • Difficult communication in the helping professions I-IV (32 hours, MPSV),
  • Sociotherapy in social work (MPSV),
  • Workshop Family Maps (15 hours, MPSV),
  • Training in Community Work - Community Work as a Method of Roma Inclusion (52 hours, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education and Science)
  • Law of Attraction (Advanced practinioner)