It brings out the best in people and enables them to live a fulfilling life

Systemic coaching is a way to help partners (coaches) to develop professionally as quickly and effectively as possible. It focuses primarily on:
  • rapid development of work skills and competencies according to the expertise of the staff,
  • significant improvement of self-reflection (thinking about what, why and how I do things, whether it is the most useful and what, or how it could be more useful),
  • development of self-organisation (efficient use of time, maximising own potential, ability to develop oneself intensively),
  • becoming aware of one's resources (internal and external) and then making better use of them, getting to know oneself more,
  • achieving and fulfilling the goals defined by the partners.

During the coaching I rely on the "solution-oriented approach" of Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg and the custom model of Kurt Ludewig.

I offer the following forms of professional cooperation:

individual coaching - suitable for business owners, top management, board members, aspiring and experienced managers, HR managers, project managers, entrepreneurs, business people, etc.

  • help you build a better balance between your life and work
  • help you use your past experiences as resources on the road to your goals,
  • unlock your potential through your personal uniqueness,
  • will give you a better understanding of who you are and how to use your talents and strengths,

Team coaching - is oriented towards improving and deepening communication between individual team members (improves mutual cooperation). It focuses resources and motivation of the team, provides space for each team member to apply their skills. It improves the performance of the team as a whole and builds a better atmosphere in the workplace.

Frequency and total length of coaching:

A successful individual coaching session usually has 5 - 10 coaching consultations depending on the agreed contract. One consultation usually lasts one and a half hours (90 minutes). The number of consultations and the spacing between each consultation is always agreed individually and is based on the needs, time and financial resources of the coachee on the one hand and the time resources of the coach on the other.

The usual number of meetings of a successful team coaching session is usually up to 10 consultations (processing of one assignment). However, the scope and frequency of team coaching is always agreed individually.

price list for coaching

Individual coaching (60 minutes)

150 euro

Team coaching (60 minutes)

250 euro

Individual coaching packages: package 3-9 sessions (price per session 140 euro), package 10+sessions (price per session 110 euro)

I also accept payment by crypto (BTC, ETH, DAI, USDT, MATIC)

I also offer all services online (Zoom, Whatsapp, Teams, Google meet, etc. apps) 

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